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Ferrari Zagato 575 Gtz

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Opel GTW Geneve Concept
Opel GTW Geneve Concept 1975

Back in 2006, renowned coachbuilder Zagato built six Ferrari 575 GTZ coupes, on the 575 Maranello platform. Each was officially given Ferrari's blessing--a difficult enough process in itself--and flowing bodywork inspired by Ferrari's vintage models of the More recently, Zagato has been producing one-offs, influenced by the firm’s earlier designs. The Ferrari Zagato 575 Gtz was built in 2006 as a one off for a noted Japanese Ferrari collector, Yushiyuki Hayashi. Based on the 575 Maranello, it is built of What do you do if Ferrari's 575 isn't quite rare enough for you? You commission legendary Italian styling house and coachbuilder Zagato to create your own version. And this is the result - the 575 GTZ. Japanese car collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi wanted his Zagato then told Ferrari and Modena thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate the model's anniversary, and created a car built around the Ferrari 575 that harked back to the 250GTZ. Like its forebear, the 575 GTZ has an all-aluminium body. Saturn's version of the Astra probably will be assembled in Antwerp, Belgium. The name Astra may be used on the Saturn model. We’ve reported Saturn will be the beneficiary of rebadged Opel products under General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz’s vision Zagato has been a CPP customer for several years, delivering production of designs such as the 2008 Bentley Continental GTZ. CPP Global Holdings Ltd. helps build the Aston Martin One-77 supercar and is also responsible for the Ferrari 575 GTZ limited .

It was of a 2002 Ferrari Zagato 575 Gtz. Dallison was also commissioned to draw the official invitation-only artwork for Lincoln/AFAS gala with the original work being raffled off at the event to one lucky show attendee. Koka said, “The Peter Helck Award World debut: Ferrari 575 GTZ In the 1950s, Milan coachbuilders Carrozzeria Zagato created several models of timeless beauty featuring the legendary "double bubble roof" on Ferrari chassis. The Ferrari 575 unveiled for the first time in Como marks Zagato's This year the Concorso Italiano rounded up a record crop of Zagato specials, a favorite of which was this Ferrari 575GTZ. It was commissioned by a Japanese collector and styled to hark back to the 1956 250GTZ and celebrate that storied model's 50th Aston Martin DB9 Spyder Centennial Zagato, and two Ferraris -- a 575 GTZ and a 550 Barchetta Zagato. Also in the mix was a Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato, never before seen in this country, on its way from the Zagato factory in Rho, Italy, to its new owner in .

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dodge 09


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