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Lamborghini Jarama

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1971 Lamborghini Miura
1971 Lamborghini Miura SV

Moreover, Espada is a Spanish word that recognises sword and is also used sometimes to refer the bullfighter. Lamborghini Jarama is named after a historic bullfighting expanse in Spain, whereas Urraco and Jalpa were also recognised as special breed of bulls. The giro’s participants also included three 350 GT, five 400 GT, seventeen Miura, eight Espada, two Jarama, six Urraco, fifteen rare Countach, one LM 002, 21 Diablo, and 36 Murcielago models. Lamborghini president Stephan Winkelmann, driving car 001 Lamborghini, it must be remembered The collection of Lambos also included rare examples of the Jarama, LM002, Islero, Espada and even a one-off Iota. A 1969 Miura S once owned by Frank Sinatra won the concorso prize. The Grande Giro, or Grand Tour Lo and behold, two Lamborghini’s feature in the list The first Lambo on the list, the Jarama may have been one of its most controversial cars. One of the last front-engine cars built by the company, its angular design with generous front and rear the site houses the official Lamborghini Museum, presenting a stunning showcase of the brand’s halo cars and design concepts from the 1960′s to today. From priceless production models to one-off prototypes, they are all here. Muria, Egoista, Jarama Lamborghini is used to attention The upright windshield, low hood, and long, sloping deck offer hints of the Jarama, Espada, Urraco, and even Miura. Many, though, will be far more interested in what's under that hexagonal rear glass. .

The 350GT became the 400GT (and gained two small rear seats), before evolving into the Islero and then the ungainly Jarama. Since that model was discontinued in 1976, Lamborghini hasn’t had what you could justifiably call a GT car in its range but I grabbed my camera and started shooting away. It turns out the car was a GT known as the Lamborghini Islero. Isleros were built in 1968 and 69 following the end of the 400GT run and preceding the Jarama. Unfortunately for Lamborghini, the rather sedately This also convinced Lamborghini to produce a limited run Miura SVJ. Wallace's one-offs of the Jarama and Urraco models also were produced. After helping to develop the Countach, Wallace left Lamborghini in 1975, moved to the US and started his own Italian Although it has yet to be given the green light, the new Urus crossover would become the cheapest Lamborghini in the range Espada, Islero and Jarama? Answers on an e-postcard please .

Another Picture of Lamborghini Jarama :

Lamborghini Athon (carro conceito) -
Lamborghini Athon (carro conceito) - 1980.

lamborghini 400 gt 2 2
lamborghini 400 gt 2 2

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