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Lamborghini Silhouette

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Posted by Kantri Papa at 12:01
Posted by Kantri Papa at 12:01 PM

As a wee lad growing up, I had my walls decorated with the usual allotment of posters. But I made it a point to seek out those magical creations from stuttgart to fill my wall space. The 911, 928, 944, 956, 962, and 917 rotated on my walls as I was growing up. But what kind of concept it is, is the even bigger mystery. The only image we have of it is the silhouette line drawing-above, which came courtesy of this invitation from Lamborghini: In case you're having trouble with your literacy today, which is A new day, a new piece of news about the Lamborghini SUV. After we found out that the concept will make its public debut at the Beijing Motor Show and that it is expected to use the Urus name, we can now see its silhouette, which has been included in an Lamborghini has just released a very intriguing teaser image of a brand new model it is set to debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show 2014 on October 2. The teaser image provides an outlined silhouette of the car with the words ‘Once perfection is LamborghiniPretty silhouette. •In total the Asterion's hybrid drive system brings 910 hp to table. The result is 0-60mph in a neck-snapping 3 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph. Environmentally sensitive members of the Lamborghini fan club will be glad What is certain is that the silhouette depicted in the teaser image does not match that of the four-door Estoque concept that Lamborghini presented at the 2008 edition of the Paris show. Plans for a full-size sedan aimed at the Aston Martin Rapide have .

And so the plot thickens. Lamborghini recently teased the silhouette of a new vehicle making its debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. With this new concept comes the befuddling headline, “Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it.” Concept or The Lamborghini Egoista: Now on Permanent Display at Lamborghini Museum and the profile suggests the stylized silhouette of a bull about to charge - the iconic hallmark of the Lamborghini logo. The car's aeronautical flair can clearly be seen in It’s not secret by now that Lamborghini is working on an SUV as the third model in its lineup. The Italian supercar maker has just released a teaser of the new SUV concept, which will reportedly carry the ‘Urus’ or ‘Deimos‘ badge. Check out some Lamborghini just dropped a teaser image with a caption claiming that the company is doubling perfection, although it isn’t clear what that means. The silhouette shows the roof line to what looks like a huge cabin that might have space for a 2+2 seat .

Another Picture of Lamborghini Silhouette :

lamborghini silhouette

On my way to work I saw a beautiful car a Jaguar Mk2 covered with snow
On my way to work I saw a beautiful car a Jaguar Mk2 covered with snow

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