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Mitsubishi Freeca

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NESSIE - 2005

Under the current alliance, Mitsubishi Motors consigns to South East Motor production and sales in China of its vehicles including the Delica, Freeca and Lioncel models. They are sold under the Chinese car maker's brand. The Japanese auto maker also Mitsubishi Motors Corp. says its sales in China in 2003 surged The Liebo, sold as the Pajero and Montero in other markets, saw an 89% increase with sales of 29,536 units. Freeca deliveries rose 10% to 19,644 units, while sales of the Delica van M&M has decided to position the Scorpio in the $13,000 to $30,000 price bracket in China, which is the mid-priced segment with competing brands like Mitsubishi Freeca among others. "With the Chinese economy opening up, people are aspiring to higher things The first Mitsubishi- brand car will be launched at Southeast Motor in April. Southeast Motor is now making the Chinese-branded Lioncel and Soveran cars, and Delica and Freeca van under technical licensing deals with Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi currently It was replaced by the Crosswind, a full SUV, in 2001. [edit] Mitsubishi Adventure Main article: Mitsubishi Freeca The Mitsubishi Adventure is Mitsubishi's best selling vehicle in the Philippines until the Montero Sport took the title in 2009. This was light and fog show to introduce the lineup of cars from Southeast Motor Corp., a joint venture with Mitsubishi. Gao Da Sheng, an office interior designer, studied the Freeca, a mini-van, and found it interesting. But he has a soft spot for Fords. .

The Fujian auto firm and China Motors now operates a 50-50 joint venture in Fuzhou, producing the Delica and Freeca mini vans, and the Lioncel compact sedan which is based on the Lancer of Japan's Mitsubishi Motor. Mitsubishi Motor, 37.3 per cent owned by .

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MITSUBISHI - JAPON - ( 1917 - 2012 )
MITSUBISHI - JAPON - ( 1917 - 2012 )

ECLIPE GT - 2001
ECLIPE GT - 2001

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