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Toyota Vitz

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2011 Toyota Yaris/
2011 Toyota Yaris/Vitz

The third generation of Toyota Vitz (which also called as Toyota Yaris in other region) was launched on December 22, 2010 in Yokohama, Japan. The codename of the new Vitz/Yaris (XP130) is the all-new model which replacing the outgoing second generation The new Toyota Vitz, now in its third generation, enjoys engine upgrades providing higher thermal efficiency while improving fuel economy. Since the Vitz now runs better, the obvious promotional tack was to take it on tour with a gigantic four-wheeled Toyota has officially taken the wraps off its new Japanese Vitz model, sold here as the Yaris. That might not at first be obvious, as the sub-compact has received quite the makeover, with an edgier design. It might not get your heart racing, but it won’t Away from the Olympics tracks and back onto our dusty bumpy roads, the Toyota Vitz cannot be-even mistakenly- assumed to be a bolt of automobile; from size (Usain Bolt is a towering six footer of amazing weight) to speed (the Vitz is surely not the Bolt He said cars with small engines such as Nissan March, Honda Fit, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Raum and Fun Cargo used to be in high demand before the new regulations. Other dealers said they were considering reducing the prices so that they could It has emerged that Japanese automaker giant Toyota is busy developing the next Yaris aka Vitz for Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). We aren’t too surprised to hear this as the current car is almost four years old now and hence, it is only obvious for the .

And that certainly applies to this limited-edition GRMN Turbo version of the Japanese domestic market-only Toyota Vitz hatchback - which we know as the Yaris. GRMN stands for Gazoo Racing tuned by MN1, which tells you something about this pocket rocket's The new 2012 Toyota Yaris isn’t expected to hit showrooms until late next year but its Japanese twin, the Vitz, has just been unveiled. Showing a much sportier and edgy design, the new model will be slightly bigger than the current car with an extra 2 Toyota revealed its latest Vitz, a B-segment car better known here as the Toyota Yaris, today in Japan. This car likely will come to the American market as a 2012 model after a trip to the plastic surgeon trims the front fascia, a Toyota logo is added The death of the Toyota Starlet left many people to burn incense candles for days to relieve the sadness. First time car owners, small families and people with ridiculously tiny parking spaces looked elsewhere to fill their small-car need. The Starlet was .

Another Picture of Toyota Vitz :

Toyota Yaris or Toyota Vitz is a small hatchback car produced by
Toyota Yaris or Toyota Vitz is a small hatchback car produced by


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