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Bmw Z1

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BMW Z1 (1989-91)
BMW Z1 (1989-91)

In 1987, BMW displayed a car at the Frankfurt Motor Show called the Z1. The “Z” stood for zukunft — “future” in German. The press was smitten, as was the public. Based on the then-current 3-Series, the Z1 featured a bog-standard straight six from This one's been signed by designer Harm Lagaay too, don'tcha know The Z in Z1 supposedly stands for 'zukunft' or 'future', which is somewhat ironic, because the Z1 fell so far short of BMW's sales expectations that it could have been forgiven for giving The Bmw Z1 roadster, the company’s first Z car has turned 25 and to celebrate the occasion BMW and the official Bmw Z1 club have organized a special tour which will include a visit to BMW headquarters in Munich, Germany. The automaker first unveiled the At One With The Wind Gods In Munich's Ultimate Wedgie We had ventured out to California for a BMW event tied to the huge Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and there it sat, unapologetically sassy. It was there and then that we decided it was time to The selection of cars destined to hit the block at the upcoming Silverstone Auction is turning out to be quite a star-studded one. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have ties to a couple of the vehicles, including a unique 1988 Aston Martin DB7 Did you know that the Bmw Z1 was the first production car to come with Xenon Headlights? That’s just one of the many cool features that made this unique BMW convertible a favorite with German drivers. We’ve found one in Colorado and in another fun .

With only 122 miles on the clock. The BMW Z1 is one of the finest - and funnest - Z cars of all time. Manufactured in small numbers, it rode on a skeletal frame that provided excellent rigidity, while integrating plastic body parts that reduced weight and On Monday we presented this week’s shifter and asked you to identify the make and model of the vehicle from whence it came. The shift knob pictured to the left clearly was familiar to most of you who accurately pointed out that it is a BMW unit. Now for the recap. The future Z-Series line-up will include the Z1 entry level roadster, the premium Z3, and the luxury Z5. Now that we have broken down BMW’s plans, let’s hope they are actually confirmed in the near future. The German based automaker BMW is currently celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Z1 with a special gathering in front of the company’s Museum on the 8th of June. “BMW Technik AG has completed its first product. The BMW Z1, a vehicle study, was .

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BMW Z4 Review Pictures
BMW Z4 Review Pictures Wallpaper

1991 BMW Z1 Art Car by A. R. Penck. (source: BMW)
1991 BMW Z1 Art Car by A. R. Penck. (source: BMW)

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