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Ferrari Fz93

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1960 Ford Galaxie
1960 Ford Galaxie 500

The unique and perhaps somewhat controversial Ferrari Fz93 is for sale. Based on the Ferrari 512TR, the FZ93 (Formula Zagato ’93) was unveiled at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show and featured a two-tone paint scheme. Since this color scheme wasn’t a great Usually we get pretty excited when it comes to one-off models and this time is certainly no different. Back in 1993, Zagato unveiled the Formula Zagato ’93 (FZ93), which would be the main inspiration for the Ferrari Enzo 10 years later. The reason this We usually don’t spend our time surfing in search of automotive gems that are out of the ordinary - that’s what we thought eBay was for. Apparently, we were dead-wrong, as an ultra-rare Zagato Ferrari Fz93 has recently surfaced there. Andrea Zagato’s first Ferrari was built in 1993 based on the Testarossa and was known as the FZ93 or Ferrari Zagato 1993The lines recalled those of a fighter aircraft or a stylised Formula one car, particularly the front and rear ends where one could Here was the first Zagato Ferrari since the NART-sponsored This was some way short of the run of 22 cars once envisaged, and plans to offer the Testarossa-based FZ93 as a sister model came to nought as the pauperised firm stared down extinction. NEW CAR NET. It's all about new cars - researching, choosing, buying, insuring, running and maintaining them. We've got daily news, road tests, videos, blogs and motor show news plus used cars, buying tips and lots more to boot .


Another Picture of Ferrari Fz93 :

ford shoebox
ford shoebox sunvisor

Ferrari Enzo parked in
Ferrari Enzo parked in

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