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Ferrari Sp America

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Posted by CezaR™ at 7:44
Posted by CezaR™ at 7:44 PM

The second car in as many weeks to have rolled out of Ferrari's ultra-exclusive Special Projects division, the Ferrari Sp America, has been spotted in the raw. First published on TheSupercarKids website, the V12-powered SP America arrives hot on the heels There’s nothing quite like seeing a Ferrari going about its business to make you feel well and truly sick to your stomach about your own ride. Well, unless of course to happen to stumble across a genuine one-of-a-kind Ferrari that was only ever built this time on behalf of a client in the U.S. The second one-off supercar is the Ferrari Sp America, which features lines inspired by those of the legendary 250 GTO and, like the F12 TRS, is based on the F12 Berlinetta. Photos of the car taken at the Wide Ferrari Special Projects (SP) first made headlines with the release of the SP1, which was based on an F430 and designed by Leonardo Fioravanti — former Pininfarina designer. The next came in 2009 with the release of the P540 Superfast Aperta, a 599 GTB Ferrari isn’t primarily known for making custom cars, but that hasn’t stopped the madmen from Maranello from churning out a fair number of them. The most recent example of a custom Ferrari, from the sinister sounding Special Projects Division is the The only one of its kind, with an estimated cost of $4 million. The one-off Ferrari F12 SP America, based on the F12 Berlinetta and built especially for Danny Wegman, CEO of Wegmans, was recently spotted in a Wegmans (how appropriate) parking lot in .

Ferrari’s Special Projects division has apparently been keeping busy. We’re sure that we don’t even see half of the special one-offs Maranello’s customer skunkworks unit produces, but we’ve been seeing quite a few lately. If there's one quibble about the Ferrari FF it always comes down to the hatch design. It's funny because for YEARS Ferrari built conventional 2+2s that were gorgeous but there was one MAJOR problem: the take rate was low AND their depreciation was much Sam Shur (Photo: Provided image ) Sam Shur, an 18-year-old self-described "car spotter" who uploads pictures of rare and exotic vehicles to websites dedicated to the hobby, said stumbling upon Wegman's 2015 Ferrari Sp America was his best find yet. For the past couple of month Ferrari has been secretly working on a bespoke one-off model for an unknown customer, and save a few photos like this one, they did a good job of keeping it under wraps. That is until now, as the car has been photographed .

Another Picture of Ferrari Sp America :

Posted by CezaR™ at 6:15
Posted by CezaR™ at 6:15 PM

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