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According to the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office, Jesse Davis, 31, was driving a 2000 Ford Contour east on Highway 30 near the intersection of Cherry Avenue. At 7:14 a.m., his vehicle left the road and rolled into the right ditch. Davis was thrown from Ford took a $6 billion gamble when it introduced its Contour and Mystique sedans, near-twins that are offspring of Ford's European sedan, the Mondeo. The big-money question is: Can a European-designed and-engineered car succeed on the American market? The Ford Contour DEFINTELY belongs in the "Made By Monkeys" category. While I've had other cars with a few issues, the 1995 Contour my wife and I owned takes the prize for biggest piece of junk ever. So much went wrong with it it's hard to know where to start. An officer in the area of Northwest Second Street and Northwest Sixth Avenue saw a black 1998 Ford Contour speeding. As the car pulled into Parkside Gardens Apartments, the driver, Keisha Ann Feeney, 23, almost a hit a group of children standing on a sidewalk. Ford has released the first of five new videos promoting the All we see of the mystery car is a shadowy contour, with the date November 17 superimposed over it. The font used for the date resembles that of the previous Shelby GT500, which could be German engineers stared slack-jawed as the jet-black 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible roared toward them at 5,000 rpm in second gear. We exchanged stares as I passed by; the engineers appreciating the Mustang’s symphonic exhaust note and uniquely .

Ford Motor Company is revealing the Verve Its profile is emphasized by the pillarless side window shape and the upper contour that mirrors the body's curving upper contour line. This extends rearward from the angular A-pillar to marry the sculpted I remember the SVT Contour for two reasons. Car and Driver once named it as but I have no innate bias against front-drive cars or Ford products. The one thing stopping me from buying one is that most local examples are crap. Then again, there is IT'S a big country, and Americans are big people. We like Big Macs, Big Gulps and Biggie Fries. We like our cars big, too -- even the small ones. This poses a challenge in building a "world car," a vehicle that can be made and sold globally with only small 63-year-old Stephen Berge, of Coon Rapids, was heading east on Highway 10 pulling an ever camper trailer when a Ford Contour changed lanes quickly causing Berge to go into the ditch and lose control. The ever camper trailer went on its side and slid .

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