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Honda Fit Shuttle

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It was pretty obvious that when Toyota unveiled the Toyota Prius V (known as Prius Alpha in Japan), that Honda would have a rival sooner or later. Well, here is Honda’s competitor. Known as the Honda Fit Shuttle the model is making its debut in Japan Honda’s Fit may be small on the outside, but it packs huge volumes of useable interior space into its tidy exterior dimensions. Apparently Honda’s clever interior packaging wasn’t enough for some, because the automaker has created the Fit Shuttle for If you have been following us, probably you knew that the launch of the all-new Honda Fit Shuttle was postponed due to a variety of problems that arose from the March 11 massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The good news, Honda had officially launched Honda has unveiled the facelifted Fit Shuttle, a small five-seater MPV sold exclusively in Japan. Introduced in 2011 and based on the last generation Fit, the refreshed Shuttle gains a slightly refreshed front end that borrows styling cues from the all-new Honda has revealed a lightly face lifted version of the Fit Shuttle, which is based on the earlier version of gen Fit/Jazz, though the new model was unveiled last month. The 2014 Shuttle, which is an elongated, tall station wagon version of the Fit Traditionally, Americans prefer larger vehicles, particularly when their designs promise to carry more people, hold more cargo, or offer a little additional flexibility. That said, the Honda Fit Shuttle -- a larger take on the company's B-segment .

Ever wanted a really small Japanese wagon with a leather steering wheel that comes standard? Now's your chance, because knowing the all-new Fit is on its way, Honda has updated the wagon version the current car so they can still sell it for a few more years. TOKYO, June 16 (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co said it got 7,000 orders for the Fit Shuttle over a five-week period ahead of the start of sales on Thursday in Japan, a fraction of the orders received by Toyota Motor Corp's rival Prius Alpha model. Japan's No.3 Photo: Honda The Fit Shuttle features a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine and offers best-in-class fuel economy of 18.6 km/litre as measured in JC08 mode and 20 km/litre as measured in 10・15 mode - the same as the Fit. The Fit Shuttle Hybrid features Honda's The baby Honda Fit grows some, resulting in a Fit Shuttle and Fit Shuttle Hybrid. These stretched-out Fits for sale in Japan and feature everything the already roomy Fit has to offer, with added cargo capacity and some other notable features. .

Another Picture of Honda Fit Shuttle :

Honda Fit Shuttle 2014 minor
Honda Fit Shuttle 2014 minor change

Honda to offer hybrid Fit Shuttle
Honda to offer hybrid Fit Shuttle

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