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Mercedes Benz C111

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Mercedes C111

This should qualify as a European car, even if it is built in San Antonio, Texas. It’s a redux of the famed Mercedes-Benz C111 gullwinged experimental car of the 1970s made by GWA Tuning and called the Ciento Once (that number in Spanish). It has a mid Wandering around what we seem to remember as the basement of the Frankfurt Auto Show revealed this Mercedes C111 Rekordwagen. The five-cylinder diesel propelled this C111-IID research vehicle to an average speed of 252 km/hr at the test track at Nardo, Italy. Benz Patent Motor Wagon, C111 Experimental Car and Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle Showcased AMELIA ISLAND, FL - March 10, 2006: Mercedes-Benz will showcase its advanced F-Cell fuel cell propulsion vehicle at the 2006 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance The C111 test cars that hurtled round the test tracks of Europe After 12 hours of otherwise problem-free driving, Mercedes-Benz had nailed nine new absolute world records its own, i.e. records irrespective of the type of engine and its displacement. GWA Tuning has drafted a one-off prototype based on the Mercedes-Benz C111 called the Ciento Once. The San Antonio, Texas-based tuner, owned by designer Arturo Alonso, decided to revive the 1970 C111 to create another gullwing Merc. The C111 was an Mercedes-Benz is becoming a regular guest at Besides these Silver Arrows Mercedes presented the C111, once used to experiment with new engine technologies, including Wankel engines, diesel engines, and turbochargers. The orange C111 on display was .

If they still exist, all of the C111’s ever produced are in Mercedes-Benz’s possession. In my opinion that’s a pity because even today the C111 would turn heads and excite anyone with a pulse. Check. The impossibly wedgy troika of the four-rotor Mercedes-Benz C111 concept, Maserati Boomerang, and Marcello Gandini’s godly Alfa Romeo Carabo, all accompanied by custom-painted Ruby helmets? You better believe it. A Citroën SM and a Renault-Alpine Mercedes-Benz went a decidedly retro route with the design of the SLS GWA is renowned for recreating classic Benzes, having reimagined everything from the 1970 C111 to the 300SL Panamericana. This project, however, revives the form of the '55 300 .

Another Picture of Mercedes-Benz C111 :

Premiere of new ‘Fintail’ from Mercedes-Benz Classic at the
Premiere of new ‘Fintail’ from Mercedes-Benz Classic at the

Silhoueta de superesportivo mas sem vidro traseiro, dá pra carregar
Silhoueta de superesportivo mas sem vidro traseiro, dá pra carregar

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