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Toyota Fun Cargo

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What we like: The aptly-named Fit is one of the most space-efficient cars for sale today, with interior and cargo space you’re looking for fun and efficiency, save your pennies and opt for the base 3-cylinder. What’s new: Toyota’s mighty mite The test car's cargo area had grocery bag hooks on the walls and a net to hold flatter items against the floor. Figuring out how owners will use things is a challenge for auto engineers and planners, but Toyota's crafted Matrix's stuff space pretty well. Cargo space remains disappointing. Behind the wheel, the Yaris is fun to toss around in that slow-car-fast kind of way. Despite Toyota’s claims of reduced body roll, the Yaris still rolls a lot in corners and makes any kind of aggressive driving feel fun. For more than three decades Toyota’s intrepid 4Runner has been part of our automotive I ultimately need something that is reliable,” Whittal says. “And, it needs to be fun to drive – that’s why I like a five-speed, I like that relationship The 2013 Toyota RAV4, which delivers improved senior managing director at Toyota Canada in a statement. “This all-new model boosts interior space and comfort, offers class-leading safety systems, and delivers fun-to-drive performance with impressive The redesigned Highlander is three inches longer and about half an inch wider than the previous model, and Toyota uses the extra inches smartly. There is 30 percent more cargo space behind But the Highlander is not so fun once the roads get twisty. .

So why not build a paper model of a Toyota car or crossover Fortunately, my coworkers assured me I didn't do too poorly. It's definitely a fun time, and it will make your desk at work look a little cooler. True to Motor Trend tradition, we have Same goes for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It’s lovable although the FJ does get two extra doors and more cargo room. So what really sells an FJ? Its style, character, capability and charisma make it fun to drive, and easy to love. You must be prepared If you need tons of cargo space, you’ll get it when you purchase this allows you to project your voice all the way to the third row! Have some fall fun with the new Toyota Sienna! Come see it for yourself today at 13429 Statesville Road, just off It can be kind of fun to play with this map and the HVAC the RAV4 EV appears to be a true 100-mile electric vehicle. Toyota will warranty the battery for eight years, 100,000 miles. Rear cargo space is unchanged at 73 cubic feet behind the front .

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