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Toyota Heavy Duty Truck

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 HD Concept heavy-duty truck at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show next
HD Concept heavy-duty truck at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show next month

With both sporting optional 5.7-litre eight-cylinder gas engines, the 381-horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque Toyota can tow automaker’s heavy duty models, like the F-250, the first in a family of Super Duty Ford trucks. While you can buy a PHOENIX – A heavy-duty version of Toyota Motor Corp.’s new fullsize Tundra pickup truck is in limbo, an executive says. “It’s not green-lighted; it’s not red-lighted,” Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager-Toyota Motor Sales U.S This year has been a big one for pickup heavy-duty or HD trucks, and offer greater towing and hauling limits. Historically only heavy-duty trucks have offered diesel engines, although that changed this year with the debut of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. The Just a regular US-spec Toyota Camry, right? Wrong At the back the Camry uses a heavy-duty live axle rear suspension setup with 18-inch alloy wheels wearing huge 335/30 tyres on the back to maximise traction. Underneath also houses a custom MagnaFlow Penske said last week that it agreed to raise its stake in The Around the Clock Freightliner Group LLC, a heavy-duty retail truck dealership group in Texas a no-haggle pricing program being tested at Toyota of Surprise in Surprise, Ariz. Gee, and we always thought that the "HD" meant "high definition." Man, how wrong were we? It actually stands for "Heavy Duty" or "Professional Grade" or whatever each company calls their big ol' trucks for construction sites and other mud n' dirt needs. .

Such a vehicle needs additional capability, such as heavy-duty shock absorbers and a transmission GM, Ford, and Chrysler abandoned midsize trucks, ceding the business to Toyota TM and Nissan. Ford and Chrysler so far haven’t said they’re returning Each year, sales of trucks from General Motors, Ram and Toyota are left in the dust by Ford’s F-Series One focuses on efficiency, another on luxury and the third is a heavy-duty work truck. Ram gave its 1500 truck a thorough overhaul for the 2014 Toyota's San Antonio workers have probably built as many park benches and fences as trucks, busy. Toyota executives say not to look for heavy-duty, especially diesel powered versions, any time soon. "Full-sized trucks is the one market where I feel There are rumors floating around that Toyota may be looking to enter the heavy duty game, with an upticked version of its Tundra pickup. If foreign trucks are more up your alley, it may be worth waiting for. Otherwise, know what you need ahead of time .

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