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Toyota Paseo

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Toyota Paseo Cynos niedrogie coupe japońskie
Toyota Paseo Cynos niedrogie coupe japońskie tuning

At the beginning bought the car for my wife to learn manual. but she decided not to learn after all the repairs. interior is in great shape. Recent replace the timing belt, plugs,wires, cap, rotor, oil change, fuel filter. Air filter cleaned. Engine was The Toyota Paseo was a compact car made by Toyota between 1991 and 1999. It was available as a coupe model as well as a convertible. The Toyota Paseo was also known as the Toyota Cynos in certain parts of the world. The Toyota Paseo was well known for its My dad bought me this car as my first car I've only had it for like 3 months and let me tell you I LOVE IT! It's a good car it runs great. At first I was kinda sketchy about it kuz it's a '92 and I thought it was a punishment to drive a car that old but The Paseo coupe has provided Toyota with a reasonably-priced, high-quality presence in the small sporty coupe segment of the automotive marketplace since mid-1991. It was redesigned inside and out for the 1996 model year, and continues mostly unchanged for Find the 1996 Toyota Paseo Book Value you are looking for by selecting the 1996 Toyota Paseo’s trim in the form below. You will also need to choose which type of 1996 Toyota Paseo book value you would like to view. All values will be displayed on the The new Toyota Paseo is a well-built car, but that's not its best feature. The Paseo also performs well, delivers excellent fuel economy and is fun to drive. Those are strong points but still not the best thing about Toyota's new sporty coupe. It is .

Take one part Smart ForTwo, add equal parts Toyota Paseo Sprintex 1.5-liter engine and supercharger It was still a close race, with the Smart turning a 13.90 to the Mustang’s 13.67 ET. The Smart car’s advantage is all in the hole shot. "This is my first car and I absolutely love it! I find it ideal for a teenager, it gets good gas mileage, is small and it's back seat gets me out of giving rides. It gets between 31 and 44 mpg, depending on the terrain and fluids. Only problems are the At approximately 12:40 p.m., 48-year-old Fallbrook resident Ramon Varela was driving his 1994 Toyota Paseo northbound on Main Avenue in Fallbrook, with two child passengers, ages 2 and 5, when he drifted into the southbound lane near the College Street The sporty new Paseo is a handsome little coupe. But beauty is only skin deep, and beneath this particular epidermis is the worst Toyota I've ever driven. That's not to say it's a bad automobile. It isn't. But it is a pretty poor effort from an automaker .

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1992 Toyota
1992 Toyota Paseo

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Postado por caçadores de auto-orfaos às 20:24

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