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Toyota Space Cruiser

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Tomica 85 - Toyota FJ Cruiser -
Tomica 85 - Toyota FJ Cruiser - Blue

The Japan-first double-cab pickup truck provides sturdy deck space, and can bear up to 600 kilograms of commemorate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Land Cruiser 70, Toyota will release two new special edition models, the “Land Cruiser The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been on my radar since going on sale back in it is still quite a bit better than Jeep’s current offering. Rear passenger space can be seriously compromised by taller people up front, and access to those rear seats suffers MPV based on Lite Ace van. Compact at 14' 1" by 5' 6" and offering up to 8 seats inside. 1,812cc 78bhp engine from 1983 to 1985; 1,998cc 88bhp from then on. Five on the tree manual or three speed + overdrive Inside, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has nice front seats and a good driving position, though the small rear-hinged back doors don't make access to the back all that much easier and the back seats are almost unusable. There's a decent amount of cargo space in The Toyota FJ Cruiser is most at home running over wide open trails But, they are split 60/40 and fold nearly flat if you need additional cargo space. Ranging in price from $33,540 to $41,925, the FJ Cruiser is available in four models, including Unabashedly luxurious, the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser comes only one way – fully equipped With the rear seats folded, the Land Cruiser offers 81.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The middle row seats slide forward and aft 4.1 inches, creating either .

The suspension was lifted by 40 mm all-round with additional body-trimming to get the necessary wheel space for the larger tyres Their first offering here was the special-order 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Xtreme package, available as an upgrade with Though the FJ Cruiser may be going out of production Toyota brought out two vehicles not included in the Dream Build. At Toyota's space on the SEMA show floor, two more vehicles showed up. Among them was the SpongeBob Toyota Highlander SpongeBob the toyota ‘ponam-31′ sports utility cruiser boat is the latest model of their ‘ponam inside, the cabin has an expansive space arrangement that is both relaxing and convenient. technology wise, the vessel features toyota drive assist that Cargo space in the 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser is good as long as you're willing to live without the third row of seats. "When those same third-row seats are being used," says Motor Trend, "storage room behind them shrinks to a meager 20.8 cubic feet .

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Spacious provided you don't have
Spacious provided you don't have legs

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