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Bmw M5 E28

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Tamerlane's Thoughts

Why you want it: The E28-chassis M5 (sold in America in 1988 only) is a rewarding drive at or beyond its impressive limits. Like most M5s, the E28 prefers to go everywhere sideways, but it’s also happy as a quiet high-speed cruiser. Best of all You see, back in 1985, BMW had been producing the M535i super saloon in both E12 and E28 forms for six years And as such, it’d be christened simply ‘M5’. The M5 made its debut amid… well, you’d think a storm of flashbulbs and fireworks From V10 to V8 This year marks the 30th anniversary of the BMW M5. It was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1984. Developed by a team of racing engineers, it was a supremely good mix of the E28 5-Series' luxury and the savagery of the race-bred M1 We’ve all been there before, selling cars we really should have kept and keeping cars we really should have kicked to the curb. Very rarely do we manage a hang on to a car that remains relevant and lustworthy, even nearly three decades after launch. But let’s take a look back at how this 30 years came to be. E28 M5 (1985-1988) In 1984, the BMW M5 made its world debut in Amsterdam. And while it still carried around large saloon practicality, it also bore sportscar performance. At its launch the 3.5 The motorsport version of the e28 5 Series of 1985 was conceived to deliver Around our figure-eight course, the BMW got nipped by the Panamera Turbo. The M5 turned in a very unsedan-like 24.9 seconds at an average of 0.81 g. The Porsche did it half .

The BMW M5 has turned 30. When it was introduced way back in 1984 Veteran motoring journalist Chris Harris extolls the virtues of the first M5 model, internally coded E28, in his video for the /DRIVE channel. The starring car is Harris’s own Based on the 1980 E12 M535i, the first BMW car to wear the M5 badge was the E28, which debuted at the 1984 Amsterdam Motor Show. The E28 M5 stayed in production till 1988 and sold 2,191 units. After this, came the E34 M5. Hand-built, the E34 was produced To own a 20+ year-old BMW while keeping it roadworthy takes Not exactly what we’re looking for from our e28. This upgrade wasn’t meant to be built to carve corners like the M5 of its era but retain some of those qualities of a much more stout The result is not only the most powerful M5 ever built, but also the most powerful production BMW ever built. When unleashed Even with less horsepower than its European version, 1985 e28 M5 became an instant giant killer; holding its own against .

Another Picture of Bmw M5 E28 :

E28 M5 M535i on E34
E28 M5 M535i on E34 M-System

Find of the Day: 1988 E28 BMW M5 for $18,987
Find of the Day: 1988 E28 BMW M5 for $18,987

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