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Ferrari 3z Spider

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FIAT 125 GTZ -
FIAT 125 GTZ - 1967

In 1974, Chinetti commissioned the 330 Convertibile Zagato. Zagato’s tenth car based on a Ferrari chassis was inspired by the 3Z Spider, albeit with significant changes. The name Convertibile reflected the type of body, which this time was fitted with The 3Z Zagato started life as 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder s/n 2491 GT Unter der nicht sehr gefälligen Karosserie befindet sich anscheinend doch ein California Spider und kein Berlinetta SWB. Leider ist die original Karosserie weg und For every 250GTZ there’s a (shudder) 3Z Spider. The occasional lapse in credibility serves Even company supremo Luca di Montezemolo went on record at the 360 launch, saying ‘Ferrari won’t be making any more mistakes like the 348’. It’s 5am in Docklands in London and as the City slumbers there are few signs of life. Even the glistening towers of Canary Wharf have yet to wake up while the surrounding roads are deserted. But tucked incongruously at the heart of this sleeping [3Z] First Aid Kit (PIO) And [CF] Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set (5 or 6-piece) (PIO) And [GN] Cargo Net (PIO); Excludes: [2Q] All Weather Floor Mats 4pc Kit (PIO) Preferred Accessory Package (PIO) - $353 Includes: [3Z] First Aid Kit (PIO) And [GN] Cargo Net .

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