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Ferrari Millechili[1]

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Ferrari F12
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta:

The goal being lighter cars can go faster. Last year Ferrari unveiled a design study for a new small car called the FXX Millechili. The concept was meant to show Ferrari’s commitment to building more efficient cars. The […] One manufacturing The Ferrari "Tre Diviso" by Daisuke Nagasato The four winning models are named "Millechili", created by the design students Luis Agullo Spottorno from Spain and Felix Hiller from Germany, both are studying at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Turin It doesn't appear to have any resemblance to the 2005 Millechili concept. The concept sports a similar appearance to the Enzo, albeit a smaller version and Ferrari has used this opportunity to showcase some of their new technologies which Ferarri claims Ferrari head Luca di Montezemolo and Sergio Pininfarina announced the winners of the contest to the 20 finalists whose models have previously been covered by Gizmag – the winning models were the Millechili, Fiorano, Tre Diviso and the Ascari. A complete Bugatti Veyron’s incredible feats on board as inspiration for the release of the upcoming Ferrari Enzo replacement. (Concept image above from Millechili Project – research team behind the F70 project, conducted at the University of Modena, Italy When Ferrari revealed the FXX Millechili Concept, many said that the concept echoed Ferrari’s green future. Some even said a hybrid based on the FXX Millechili was in the works. Then other stories muttered Ferrari won’t be going the hybrid route since .

Ferrari will revisit hypercar territory in late 2012 when hollow spoke wheels and a thinwall exhaust system. Unlike the Millechili concept, which came very close to the 1000 kilo threshold, the F150 is said to tip the scales at 1250kg, thereby According to British website Auto Express, Ferrari’s new hero car, codenamed F70, will be built with a greater focus on weight loss rather than bigger power. Drawing inspiration from its 2007 Millechili concept (Italian for “1000kg”), Ferrari will We already know that the new car has been developed using the FXX and the Millechili technical concept that was revealed during Ferrari’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The F150 will be powered by a more developed version of the 731bhp 6.3-litre V12 that Ferrari will also use what it has learned from its FXX program and take inspiration from the company’s 2007 Millechili concept car. The FXX program was made available to a select few of the world’s richest people, who paid several million dollars to .

Another Picture of Ferrari Millechili[1] :

2009 ferrari f430 gt racing ferrari 599 gtb fiorano ferrari millechili
2009 ferrari f430 gt racing ferrari 599 gtb fiorano ferrari millechili

Ferrari Millechili Concept Model
Ferrari Millechili Concept Model

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