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Ford Depaolo

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had asthma and got my ass kicked a lot. I spent a lot of time at the
had asthma and got my ass kicked a lot. I spent a lot of time at the

Ford Jr., the Tennessee transplant Mr. Tasini met for lunch recently at the trendy Odeon in TriBeCa with Philip DePaolo, director of the New York Community Council, an advocacy group, and Michael D. D. White, a real estate lawyer and urban planner. while driving the #22 Ford owned by Peter DePaolo until the first race in June when the team was disbanded and Fireball Roberts became the owner of his car. Even though Roberts never ran a full season’s schedule he finished among the top five in the For their efforts, five NYPD officers received the title of Cop of the Month during a ceremony Wednesday in the October's award went to Officers John Gonzalez and Gaetano Depaolo of the South Shore's 123rd Precinct, for their efforts in saving the It's our building; we are the landlords.'' Town council Chairman William DePaolo said the town will do what's necessary to ``keep the building in shape.'' Ford ``knows the town will care of them, and we will,'' DePaolo said. Cheverus' 400 relay team (Opielowski, Lizzie Ford, Sarah Mount and Meredith Willard and the boys' 400 and 1,600 and girls' 400 and 3,200 relays and Deering's DePaolo (300 hurdles), Hussein (boys' two-mile) and Zagon (girls' high jump) all qualified. Fairclough (Sal) 20-6.5, 5. Ford (NDPG) 20-5.75, 6. Hay (Palm) 20-5.5 Javelin - 1. Debski (Palm) 164-6, 2. Weber (Sal) 164-2, 3. Pereira (Palm) 163-6, 4. Snyder (Pal) 157-7, 5. Depaolo (PA) 155-11, 6. Thomas (Mah) 149-8 Shot put - 1. Lucci (ACC .

Kenseth's Ford erupted in a cloud of white smoke on the sixth lap chance to tie a NASCAR record with three consecutive victories to start the season. Peter DePaolo won three in a row with two victories by Marvin Panch and one by Glenn "Fireball Bishop Ford 8, McClancy 1: Nelson Lopez and Zach Calabrese combined Monsignor Farrell 5, Moore Catholic 4 (9 Innings): Jordan Stark tripled and drove in two runs, Mike DePaolo had two hits, an RBI and scored a run and Mike DiGiorgio went the final Charles Debski (Palm) 164-7, 4. Jesse Snyder (Pali) 162-1, 5. Michael DePaolo (PA) 159-7, 6. Josh Salamone (PA) 153-5; Long Jump - 1. Jahaun Ford (ND) 21-0.75, 2. Austin Uhl (Sal) 20-11, 3. Miles Brown (ND) 20-9.75, 4. Rashaan Herbert (Wil) 20-9.5 Another local dynamo is Rosemary DePaolo. DePaolo isn’t very tall, but she casts a large shadow as University of North Carolina Wilmington’s chancellor. Ford Motor Co. joined the 21st century last week, naming Anne Stevens chief operating officer for .

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Girling brake calipers (
Girling brake calipers (Fiat


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