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Honda N Box

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Honda N-One : le dérivé de série du EV-N
Honda N-One : le dérivé de série du EV-N Concept

Honda has launched the very successful Honda N Box kei car and this is the best seller in all of Japan. This vehicle saves up on a huge amount of space while enjoying high tax benefits and as a result almost 34 percent of all the kei vehicles sold in Japan TOKYO, Japan, November 30, 2011 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will begin sales of the N BOX, the first model of the new mini-vehicle N Series, on December 16, 2011. Honda created the N Series with a passion to create the best and new vehicle for Honda’s N Box kei car has been a roaring success. The new ‘plus’ variant is set to continue that momentum. In a little over six months Honda managed to shift nearly 100,000 units of the oddly-proportioned N BOX. To continue that impressive momentum Honda has debuted its “N-Box + Element” concept at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, marrying the design of the automaker’s compact N-One and the discontinued Element. The result is a rather strange, boxy design sitting on tiny wheels and a terribly Reported prior to its unveiling as production-bound in 2015, the S660 Concept is persuaded by a tuned version of the Honda N-Box’s engine (N-Box is a kei car from Honda). A turbocharged 660cc engine producing 64 bhp @ 6,000 rpm and 104 Nm @ 2,600 rpm Talk about doing more with less. Honda's boxy little contribution to the tiny kei car category is the N Box +, which has at least four awesome design features: A telescoping load ramp, an internal power winch, hideaway trunk shelving, and the ability for .

The carmaker increased its market share 0.9 percentage point to 10 percent in the same period, according to industry researcher Autodata Corp. In Japan, the Honda N Box, on sale since December, was the most popular minicar model for a third month in June First up is the Honda N Box, a newly-launched mini-crossover that’s aimed at both the Japanese domestic market and emerging markets alike. Changing its construction technique allowed Honda to reduce production costs while shaving some 10 percent off the Consider Honda's hi-tech N BOX, a four-passenger microcar that combines some of the utility features of a much larger SUV - the seats roll down to load a bicycle or two - and the fuel-sipping economy of a tiny, 660-cc engine. For the first half of 2013 The new model of the Honda's mini vehicle N Series which is named as the N BOX + (N BOX plus) has been unveiled in Japan. The new and second model of the N Series is more useful that comes with added functionality in the cargo area of the N Box tall city .

Another Picture of Honda N-Box :

New Honda N-ONE Remembers its Past to Compete Against the Fiat 500
New Honda N-ONE Remembers its Past to Compete Against the Fiat 500

2013 Honda N One Officially unveiled today - Horsepower Specs msrp
2013 Honda N One Officially unveiled today - Horsepower Specs msrp

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