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Mercedes Benz F 600 Hygenius

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Mercedes Benz SLK listo como modelo
Mercedes Benz SLK listo como modelo 2012

Mercedes will unveil the F 600 Hygenius concept car at the Tokyo Auto Show this weekend. The company says the fuel cell car’s ability to travel 250 miles on a tank of hydrogen is an industry first. The Hygenius is one of several vehicles that Mercedes would like you to believe that this is just another innovative fuel cell concept. In fact, we have heard that the F600 Hygenius is also a design study that may hint at a redesigned C-class. Some of you may say that this A-class-like concept will Essentially a research vehicle, the F600 employs the latest version of Mercedes’ fuel cell program, with improved cold start capability and a 40 percent reduction in size while achieving the same level of power output, a plus in terms of packaging. The The Mercedes F 600 HyGenius is a thing of beauty and genius. The hydrogen fuel-cell research vehicle makes its premiere appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show this weekend. Of all the many wild and wacky prototypes displayed at the show, it is likely one of View 54 more Mercedes-Benz listings. SEVILLE, SPAIN -- It took humankind about Then there's the experimental F 700. This thing is something to behold -- it is said to reflect some of the styling cues to be found on the next-generation S-Class. .

Another Picture of Mercedes-Benz F 600 Hygenius :

El Antonov An-225 Mriya (en ucraniano: Антонов Ан-225
El Antonov An-225 Mriya (en ucraniano: Антонов Ан-225

Mercedes Benz s600 1998, Rat Look.
Mercedes Benz s600 1998, Rat Look.

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