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Toyota Estima

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TOYOTA ESTIMA HYBRID Aeras "Premium Edition"

Toyota first introduced the Estima hybrid minivan in 2001. At the time it, was the first hybrid minivan and the first mass-produced vehicle to use an electric four-wheel-drive system. The new redesigned Estima was just launched in Japan and its fuel This is Toyota’s second-generation Estima hybrid minivan in Japan. Its hybrid system marries a 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a 134 hp electric motor. A 67 hp motor driving the rear wheels provides four-wheel-drive capability. A new generation of stylish While it has only been these past couple of years that hybrids other than the Prius have received significant attention, Toyota has been working on different applications of its Hybrid Synergy Drive for some time now. Take, for example, the Estima that Toyota Estima PREVIA OR ALPHARD 8 SEATER AUTOMATIC WITH VERY COMFY SEATS. CAR WAS IMPORTED IN UK IN 2008 SO THIS IS NOT VERY LONG AGO. IT HAS VERY LOW GENUINE MILEAGE 75000 MILES ONLY. CAR DRIVES VERY GOOD. BODY WORK IS VERY GOOD. CAR IS CLEAN IN AND OUT. Toyota developed the idea through the March 11 earthquake disaster in which people used the Toyota Estima hybrid van (pictured above) as a source of emergency electricity when the power went out. Toyota eventually wants to add the AC outlet to the And it gets nearly 78 mpg in Japan-cycle testing. Toyota Estima HV Back in 2001, Toyota introduced the world's first hybrid minivan in Japan. The Estima HV is still only in Japan, and that's a shame. This tall, narrow but comfortable minivan would be a .

which has inspired some writers to described the comment as a modern equivalent to “let them eat cake“, only to ask the question “Why doesn’t anyone make a hybrid van?”. Here’s the thing: someone does. It’s called the Toyota Estima Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that it has begun nationwide sales in Japan of the completely redesigned Estima minivan through "Toyota" ("Osaka Toyopet" in the Osaka area) and "Toyota Corolla" dealers. The Estima, first launched TA Motor Corp, Japan's largest carmaker, priced its new Estima minivan higher than Honda Motor Co's Elysion and Mazda Motor Corp's MPV models, expecting that the model's first revamp in six years will spur sales. Toyota will sell the Estima for between 2 Toyota Motor Corp. begins sales of the newly redesigned Estima hybrid minivan in Japan. Initially launched in 2001 as the first hybrid minivan, the new Estima features the second-generation Toyota hybrid system, or THS II. That includes a front motor speed .

Another Picture of Toyota Estima :

toyota estima is a van type car it has 2 4 cc 4 cylinder dohc petrol
toyota estima is a van type car it has 2 4 cc 4 cylinder dohc petrol

SETELAH bermain di kelas sedan dan city car,Toyota mulai gencar
SETELAH bermain di kelas sedan dan city car,Toyota mulai gencar

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