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Honda Civic Si

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Honda Civic
Honda Civic Si

The 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe starts at $23,680, while the 2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan starts at $23,880. Both prices increased by $100 compared to the 2014 models. The 2015 Civic Si Coupe and Civic Si Sedan are on sale now. Prices on the sport compacts The new 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan receives a restyled front and rear end for the model year as well as a freshened interior, and suspension tuning exclusive for the Si models. Carrying on the tradition of the Civic Si being the performance trim of the The 2014 Honda Civic Si Coupe went on sale in the States today (March 12) with a base MSRP of $22,790, not including a $790 destination charge. Compared with the base 2013 Civic Si Coupe, the newer model is priced $275 higher. As you probably already know The Honda Civic Si has finally joined the 2015 model year lineup. The Japanese automaker has announced that the 2015 Honda Civic Si coupe equipped with a six-speed manual transmission will be priced from $23,680 including destination and will get an EPA Once again, the Civic Si comes with few options over the standard model. Adding summer tires on either the coupe or the sedan tacks on an extra $200, while adding navigation raises the price by $1500. On the coupe version, buyers can opt for both features The 2014 Honda Civic Si remains one of the best fun-per-dollar cars on the market. Honda’s latest Civic Si will get a handful of styling, technology, and performance improvements, while the price will rise just $275. For the 2014 Honda Civic Si coupe .

This car really isn’t all that exciting to look at. It doesn’t have wheels with 3-inch lips, it isn’t painted a bright color, it doesn’t have a set of canards, it doesn’t have a K-Series swap, it doesn’t have well, I’m sure you’re Civic is becoming a self-improvement project for Honda. The redesigned 2012 was ho-hummed. A fast update for 2013 improved the interior and jazzed up the styling of the sedans. For 2014, the coupes got their own set of changes. We targeted the Si high I've had the 2014 Honda Civic Si for a few days, and I'm giving it back on Monday. In case you can't tell from this photo, it's the red one. It's the red Honda Civic. No, not the one in the back, the one in the front. I know, it's sometimes hard to tell. Remember 1985? If you were paying attention to cars, then the then-new Civic Si and Mk2 Jetta GLI were on your radar. Which did you prefer? For the 2012 model year both cars are again new. One of them has changed surprisingly little. The other, though it .

Another Picture of Honda Civic Si :

2015 Honda Civic Type R
2015 Honda Civic Type R Interior

2012 Honda Civic Si
2012 Honda Civic Si

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