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Honda Freed

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My New Honda
My New Honda Freed

Honda Japan has added one more vehicle to its line-up, the Honda Freed MPV. Based on the Global Small Platform which underpins cars such as the Honda Fit as well as the Freed’s more boxy cousin the Honda Mobilio/Mobilio Spike, the Honda Freed is powered Honda will begin sales of a new compact minivan, named the Freed, in Japan on May 30, 2008. This new model fuses an easy-to-use and spacious cabin with stylish design. Special mobility assistive versions—Freed with side lift-up seat and Freed with Stay tuned to Motoroids for more dope on the upcoming Honda Freed MPV. Born and brought up in Pune, Rohan had a thing for cars since his pre-school years. He always expected toy cars in wrapped gift boxes presented to him on his birthdays. His passion for As Honda Freed just recently launch in Malaysia. Mugen as a tuner for nearly all Honda cars has actually tuned the Honda Freed with some visual-cosmetic upgrade and some of the performance accessories. By equipping the full bodykit to the Honda Freed A new member has been added to the JDM Honda Freed family of compact minivans in Japan. Called the Freed Spike, the new model is being pitched by Honda as a "compact multi-wagon" for people with "active lifestyles". We remind you that the Freed is based on Click above for high-res gallery of the Honda Freed Honda revealed its new compact minivan today in Japan called the Freed. On sale today as well, the Freed can carry up to eight passengers within its diminutive dimensions thanks to a low, completely flat .

Honda hit the bullseye with their entry-level sedan, the Amaze, in India, it had everything going for it, pricing, features and even performance. The Japanese carmaker is upbeat, following the success of it's Amaze by launching new products. Interestingly A golf course isn't the place you'd normally choose for a road test. But this isn't a normal golf course. We're on a massive private golf course within a massive gated community about an hour's drive out of Bangkok. Driving on private property means we're Honda have launched the Freed compact minivan in Japan, which delivers seating for up to eight people in a package that uses just 6.1 litres of fuel per 100km. Based on the same platform as the Honda Jazz, the Freed lays claim to being the first true 8 Yesterday, I took a look at the Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear and the Toyota Hi-Ace, the “size queens” of the Japanese market. Today, I decided to look at the odd men out, so to speak, those mini-vans that hit the sweet spot in the market and offer .

Another Picture of Honda Freed :

2012 Honda Freed
2012 Honda Freed Hybrid


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