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Mercedes Benz Vision Sla

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2000 Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Mercedes-Benz Vision Sla Concept (pictured) back in 2000 at the North American Auto Show. The new 2013 model design will presumably follow the current and future Mercedes-Benz design language, but the layout and theme of the Vision SLA is the name of a new roadster study with which Mercedes-Benz aims to bring the driving sensation of its traditional SL models to the compact car class. Just 3.77 meters long and kitted out with the innovative technology of the Mercedes-Benz A The compact CLA-Class “four-door coupe” and redesigned A-Class hatchback have redefined Mercedes-Benz, but will the transformation stop and could be called the SLA. Back in 2000, Mercedes unveiled the Vision SLA concept, a similarly tiny sports We hope it doesn't look anything like this 2000 concept. In 2000, Mercedes-Benz introduced the Vision SLA baby-roadster concept at the Detroit Auto Show. A revolutionary design for its time, the little convertible never made it in to production. Unfiltered experience, enjoying every kilometer of the way – at Mercedes-Benz, automobiles with these qualities have a tradition dating back over 90 years. But the Vision SLA represents the first time that the qualities of the SL-Roadster have been The Mercedes-Benz SLK rumor of an SLA needs to die. Car and Driver pulled up a rumor recently about Mercedes bringing an A-Class-based roadster into its lineup. It's a buggy little rumor that's been sticking around ever since the Vision SLA concept .

The compact front-wheel-drive roadster revives the idea behind the striking Vision SLA concept revealed at the Detroit auto show in 2000. Mercedes-Benz's decision to revisit the SLA comes as Volkswagen plans to reveal a new mid-engine roadster concept at As stated by Daimler’s CEO Dieter Zetsche stated last month, Mercedes-Benz has a plan to overtake arch-rivals Audi In any case, the car is said to carry the SLA moniker and will probably be similar in size and proportions to the 2000 Vision SLA The Vision SLA Concept - Even More Compact than the SLK Also making large doors and gently sloping rear styling are reminiscent of the legendary Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow racers of the 1950s. Liberal use of perforated aluminum and saddle leather Even sports car concepts show techno influences. For the Mercedes-Benz Vision Sla, a small roadster, the theme is thick metal punched with portholes. Exposed shock-absorber towers protrude from the hood like gun emplacements; a huge beak swoops down a .

Another Picture of Mercedes-Benz Vision Sla :


CLASS C (W203) - 2000
CLASS C (W203) - 2000

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