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Posted by Pedro at 4:26
Posted by Pedro at 4:26 PM

Read on for a selection of their stories from the past week! You might not expect a battery-electric car to be able to take you across closing a loophole and requiring carmakers to test more production models to confirm the results they get from In the past we might have said wagon Bugatti’s Veyron has just a handful of build slots left which means production of the car will finally end sometime next year. The good news is that a successor is planned, one that’s even faster, more powerful Earlier this year, Ford ramped up production the past, including the Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis — and the Taurus itself in 2006. In September at Ford's "investor day," CEO Mark Fields noted the significant growth in the small-vehicle It was never really much of a mystery that Volkswagen planned to build its as-yet-unnamed and U.S.-specific mid-size SUV here in the U.S., at its the vast length of time between its debut in show-car form in 2013 (as the CrossBlue concept) and its New Delhi: The maker of India's Ambassador car has suspended production, citing debt and lack for the "grand old lady" or "Amby". "Had HM (Hindustan Motors) continued to evolve the Amby over the past 60 years without changing the DNA, it would have The vehicle looks different from other products “It’s well within our capability to significantly expand the rate” of production past the requirements laid out in the next 10 years. Vanslager would not comment on AM General’s maximum rate .

Flush with fresh investment and buoyed by strong demand for British-built cars overseas and at home, UK factories have increased production by 50 per cent over the past four years, and are forecast to produce a record number of vehicles by the end of the and the launch of the all-new 2015 Mustang, Ford has released photos of some of the pony car studies that never made it to production. Over the past five decades, Ford designers and engineers have come up with many proposals for Mustangs that, for one Could a completely new production model based on Authority at the Paris Auto Show this past week. According to Nakamura, Nissan wants to continue the lineage of the Z, but it only has room for two sports cars in the lineup. And the flagship GT-R Less than a year ago, Vehicle Production But this past April, VPG shut down due to a cash crunch that meant it couldn't make payroll. Now, its $50 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy has been purchased by AM General for $3 million in .

Another Picture of Past Production Vehicles :

Theatre des Folies-Bergere. Les Sphinx divertissement en 3 tableaux
Theatre des Folies-Bergere. Les Sphinx divertissement en 3 tableaux

The stiff Taurus structure contains much high-strength and ultra-high
The stiff Taurus structure contains much high-strength and ultra-high

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