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Bmw E28

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bmw z7 roadster 2011 bmw z5 2011 bmw z2 2011 bmw x4 2011 bmw x2 2011

The BMW E12 automobile platform was the basis for the 1972 through 1981 BMW 5-Series automobiles and the first platform The E12 was replaced by the Bmw E28 5-Series in 1981, although production continued until 1984 in South Africa. Motodrome are pleased to offer this exceptional original, unmolested & unrestored example of the iconic BMW M535i manual (E28) finished in Zinnober Red with full M-tech interior, which is in superb shape. fully equipped with 5-speed manual gearbox, limited BMW’s special model heading for Goodwood is a limited edition M5 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of BMW’s most iconic M car. The first BMW M5 – the E28 5 Series – made its debut at the Amsterdam Motor SHow in February 1994 with a 3.5 litre In fact, the owner appears to check in on his eerie time capsule quite often, driving an equally mysterious black E28 (1981-88) BMW 5 Series. And while the dealership, “Citation Motors”, is no longer an official BMW store, the cars are for sale. In 1979, the car regarded as the first proper M car for the road was launched. The BMW M535i was the predecessor to the E28 M5 and was a high-performance variant of BMW’s popular 5-series saloon. Powered by the 215bhp 3.5-litre M30B34 engine, it The M5 debuted at the Amsterdam Motorshow in 1984 and has been through a number of generations, beginning with the E28. The current When the current edition of the M5 went on sale in 2011, it was the first vehicle to feature the BMW M V8 engine .

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the very first generation BMW M5 in the form of the E28 M5. In order to mark the occasion, the German firm is creating a 30th anniversary edition of the current M5 and now the very first images and details about BMW has already announced plans to unveil a special anniversary M model in late June at 2014 Goodwood FoS and it seems the model in question is a 30 th anniversary M5, three decades after the M5 E28 made its appearance at the 1984 Amsterdam Auto Show. Why you want it: The E28-chassis M5 (sold in America in 1988 only) is a rewarding drive at or beyond its impressive limits. Like most M5s, the E28 prefers to go everywhere sideways, but it’s also happy as a quiet high-speed cruiser. Best of all But what’s also instantly apparent is that the M4 is by no means a small car. At 4,67m long, 1,87m wide and 1,38m tall, it’s actually bigger than the E28-generation BMW M5 I piloted around this very track in the late 1980s. And while the new M4 is .

Another Picture of Bmw E28 :

Gulla ///
Gulla ///M5

New BMW M5 USA E28 1986-1988 Cars wallpapers and specification
New BMW M5 USA E28 1986-1988 Cars wallpapers and specification

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