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Ferrari 250gtz

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Bentley Zagato GTZ head
Bentley Zagato GTZ head light

Zagato is best known for his work designing vehicles like the Fiat 8V Zagato, Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ, Ferrari 250 GTZ, Maserati A6G, and Aston Martin DB4 GTZ. Along with Ercole Spada, Zagato helped pen countless designs for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat Mr. Zagato drove it himself in many races. There are other important designs, including the 1938 Lancia Aprilia Sport Aerodinamica and the Ferrari 250 GTZ, though some may prefer the more bulbous, near pudgy and eccentric 250 GT Berlina. Among the Maserati Ferrari's taking the wayback machine to 1956, producing an abso-fab spectacta-car celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous 250 GTZ berlinetta. The aluminum body, meant to fit atop the already insta-classic 575, sports a two-tone paintwork with Yoshiyuki Hayashi, a Japanese who is famous for his collections requested that his Ferrari 575M be made up in a special body so that it styled in resemblance with the 250GTZ Berlinetta of the 1956 era. And hence was born the idea of developing a new and Top 5 Awesome R/C Cars: All of These Perfo The Ferrari 575 GTZ is technically a 575M Maranello in Zagato guise. It was designed to look like the Zagato 250 GTZ and features the brand's trademark double-bubble roof, large grille and showy fenders. was known for designing some of the most beautiful GT cars of all time including the Ferrari 250 GTZ, and the Aston Martin DB4 Zagato among others. Son of Ugo Zagato, founder of the famous Milanese Atelier, renowned in the whole world since 1919 for its .

In the early 1950s he began to develop a range of berlinette GTs which eventually included the Fiat 8V Zagato (his favourite), the Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ, Ferrari 250 GTZ, Maserati A6G, and the Aston Martin DB4 GTZ. By the mid-1950s the company was taking a The body of this car, which is also a nod to the Ferrari 250 GTZ of 1956 - likewise bodied by Zagato, is made entirely of aluminium. Zagato thus celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GTZ in true style and adds to the Concorso d'Eleganza a car This year the Concorso Italiano rounded up a record crop of Zagato specials, a favorite of which was this Ferrari 575GTZ. It was commissioned by a Japanese collector and styled to hark back to the 1956 250GTZ and celebrate that storied model's 50th During the final contest the 1956 250 GTZ was chosen among a 1938 Bugatti Type 57S Cabriolet and the 1962 Ferrari 268 SP. Mr. Sydorick’s 250 GT Zagato also won all the prizes in its class (Class 9 – The Gentleman Driver’s Choice): Best of Class for .

Another Picture of Ferrari 250gtz :

Elio Zagato - Gentleman Italiano (1921 - 2009 )
Elio Zagato - Gentleman Italiano (1921 - 2009 )


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