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Honda Civic Type R

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Honda to Complete Production of 4-Door Civic Type
Honda to Complete Production of 4-Door Civic Type R

You can't fault us for trying, countless times, and pushing for Honda to bring the almight Civic Type-R Concept to the U.S. Chances are pretty much zero, since the base of this winged wonder is the European-market Civic - which, incidentally, looks awfully If you're going to watch one YouTube clip today, it should be this latest short film produced by Honda's UK operations. Titled “The Other Side,” the video follows the story of a father picking up his kids from school in a regular Honda Civic hatchback. The hotly-anticipated return of the Honda Civic Type R is coming next year, and to hype the launch of the upcoming hot hatch – promising to be “the most extreme and high-performing model to wear the famous ‘Red H’ badge” – still further, Honda A new interactive online film from Honda launches on 30th October, bringing to life the brand’s ‘other side’ ahead of the hotly-anticipated launch of the new Civic Type R in 2015. SLOUGH, UK -- October 30, 2014: Honda is renowned for its reputation Honda is really hyping up its upcoming 2015 Civic Type R and for good reason. The company claims it will be its best ever Type R even eclipsing the NSX Type R. While speaking with Auto Express however, chief Honda engineer Hisayuki Yaga revealed an even Honda has revealed the Civic Type R; the "most extreme and high performing Type R in the 22 year history of the red ‘H' badge". It's so extreme and high performing, it's gone blue with rage. Honda has confirmed that the new Civic Type R will feature a 2 .

We only had two laps on the high-speed oval at Honda's main R&D center in Japan. We didn't get performance figures for the prototype Honda Civic Type R fitted with the company's new 2.0-liter direct-injected and turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the ‘90s? Well, Honda does, because the U.K. branch’s brilliant ad for the new Civic takes that unique interactive format and applies it to the world of car commercials. The result is Honda gave us a taste of the Civic Type R Concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Not content on dropping just one concept, the Japanese automaker is following that up with the unveiling of the Civic Type R Concept II at the 2014 Paris Motor Show on October 2. On the perpetual list of vehicular ungettables that enthusiasts in America pine for is Honda’s souped-up Civic Type R, and the fourth generation of Honda’s hot hatch is being previewed in something close to production form at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. .

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Honda Civic Type-R & Civic -Si
Honda Civic Type-R & Civic -Si Wallpaper


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