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Mercedes Benz F 800 Style

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Mercedes F800 Style: Mega Gallery of baby CLS with 101
Mercedes F800 Style: Mega Gallery of baby CLS with 101 Photos

I wouldn’t be surprised if they used this style with a high efficiency diesel or (god forbid) a diesel hybrid. Regardless of what they do with the technology just look at it! It’s gorgeous! Mercedes-Benz’ F 800 Style research vehicle is showing the New DISTRONIC PLUS Traffic Jam Assist function further reduces the stress of driving With its new DISTRONIC PLUS Traffic Jam Assist function in the F 800 Style, Mercedes-Benz has also become the world's first car manufacturer to implement a system that is Via Mercedes-Benz will host a festival at Los Angeles’ Museum Mercedes has also announced that it plans to unveil its Concept Style Coupe, a second take on the F 800 Style Concept of 2010 and a preview of the upcoming B-Class-based CLC four-door coupe. At speeds up to about 25mph, the Traffic Jam Assistant takes care of both longitudinal and transverse movements so drivers do not have to steer themselves. The driver can just sit back and relax — with hands on the steering wheel. When 25mph is exceeded Mercedes-Benz, like everyone else on the planet head-turning high-end “multi-drive” concept car that can run on batteries or a fuel cell. The F 800 Style builds upon the technology underpinning the S 400 Hybrid and the B-Class F-Cell and wraps .

Mercedes-Benz’ F 800 Style research vehicle is showing the future of premium automobiles from a new perspective, as the five-seat upper-range sedan combines highly efficient drive technologies with unparalleled safety and convenience features and an Now, just weeks out from the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz has gone a step further and unveiled a brand new concept car called the F800 Style. Showcasing the automaker to the one in the upcoming B-Class F-Cell, but in a rear-wheel drive These components, which are already installed in the limited edition B-Class F-CELL, can be used flexibly and are suited for a variety of different drive configurations. The Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept is an example of this, as it uses rear-wheel A reinterpretation of the concept of "fascination and responsibility" Multi-drive platform enables use of two alternative drive systems - either Plug-in Hybrid or fuel cell Intelligent display concept focusing on "electric driving" HMI with cam touchpad .

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Luxury Cars: 2012 Mercedes Benz F800 Style
Luxury Cars: 2012 Mercedes Benz F800 Style X

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style
Mercedes-Benz F800 Style

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