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Toyota Sports 800

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Toyota has released new video of the GT 86, with a tribute to their first car, the Toyota Sports 800. Toyota may not have the history that European car makers enjoy, but they can now claim a genesis of almost 50 years. Which explains why Toyota has chosen Considering the S800 was Toyota’s first sports car, it was an impressive effort. Cast very much in the mould of the MG Midget, it was based on the Publica mini-car, and was conceived for the Kei-class. Its flat-twin was eager and capable of pushing the The Toyota Sport 800 is not a very pretty car, especially in comparison to its big brother Toyota 2000GT, a collectible in the $1-million-plus range. Despite that, the Sport 800, produced from 1965 to 1969, can boast a couple of firsts. It was Toyota’s But one of the car's cooler features is so far only available on Toyota’s Japanese version, the Toyota 86. The Sports Drive Logger is an $800 option that can record data (to a USB drive) from a multitude of sensors via the car’s Controller Area Network A compilation of scenes from prototype testing peppered with clips of Toyota’s bygone classics. This is a great video of the Toyota GT86 prototype winter testing on the track and pulling off some sweet drifts and performance maneuvers. Comparing their Toyota’s Sports 800 was the company’s first attempt at building a sports car. Even by mid-1960s Japanese standards, it was a modest effort; after all, the production version made only 45 horsepower from its 800-cc, twin-cylinder boxer engine. .

Toyota has released a cool little video showcasing the development process and the heritage behind the new Toyota 86 sports coupe. The video features an early Toyota Sports 800 coupe from the Sixties to express the point. We also get a glimpse of Toyota That honour is held by Toyota’s two-cylinder boxer-engined Sports 800, which the company began developing in 1962. Since then, Toyota has established a long history of producing exciting, driver-focused sports cars with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive Toyota unveiled the new FT-1 Concept sports car today at 2014 NAIAS – a reinvention of the company’s design performance car game — producing the 2000 GT, the Sports 800, the 80-86 Hachiroku, the Supra and the MR2 over the decades. Hello. My name is Patrick Timming. And im here to see if there is a marked on this car im trying to sell. Its a Toyota 800 sports from around 1963-1967. The car belongs to my father in law. Who lives in Vietnam, where the car also are right now. The car .

Another Picture of Toyota Sports 800 :

Toyota Scion on Yozora Prologue Scion Fr S Forum Subaru Brz Forum
Toyota Scion on Yozora Prologue Scion Fr S Forum Subaru Brz Forum

VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 G Sports Turbo Concept Kicks Ass in Gran Turismo 5
VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 G Sports Turbo Concept Kicks Ass in Gran Turismo 5

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