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Bmw M3 E93

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BMW M3 Pictures

The BMW M3 E9X series is old news now, but you have to say, it is still a very interesting car. The launch of the new M3/M4 models is very good news for the fans of this series, as the prices are starting to plummet. So you can get a good E92 or E93 for We knew it was only a matter of time before BMW would take the can opener to its 400 HP uber-coupe, and these newest spy shots prove that development is well underway. While little has changed from the standard 3-series cabrio, the fender flares, cut-up Click through for two official videos of the new E93 BMW M3 convertible. The first one sees the M3 drop-top on the move - and the 4.0-litre V8 sounds wonderful. The second video has a closer look at the details as well as the folding roof action. The gullwing doors specialists from LSD have released today the details of their BMW M3 lambo doors kit the German Technical Control Board which ensures that the LSD gull-wing doors fulfil all security standards. Compared to other retrofit-sets The famous BMW tagline ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine Hyde changes in the car’s character. In 2008 the coupe M3 was joined by a saloon (the E90) and a folding hard-top convertible (E93). The saloon is a slightly more understated car than the As you may have gathered from this issue, we returned to Japan this year and paid another visit to our friends at Studie AG in Yokohama City. Run by Yasuaki "Bob" Suzuki, the company is one of the leading BMW specialists in the country and responsible for .

As a quick reminder, the outgoing generation of the BMW M3, also known as the E90 (Sedan), the E92 (Coupe) and the E93 (Convertible) has been in production ever since 2007. The model is the fourth generation of the BMW M3 and it was first announced at the Update, June 11, 2014: The M3 Sedan sold to a BMW enthusiast and loyal Sports Car Digest reader an M3 that doesn’t spin beyond 8,000 RPMs like the outgoing “E90/E92/E93” chassis. This brings us to our example, a low mile four-door example In all probability, the M3 Coupe is set to be replaced by the BMW M4 - a two door vehicle that will be manufactured from July 2013 and is expected to hit showrooms by next year, 2014. However, BMW officials notified that the production of the E93 M3 All chromed up BMWs seem to be in these days and for the past few weeks, we have several different models sporting some sort of a chrome paint job. To be honestly, this trend started a few years ago, but it hasn’t gotten much attention until recently. .

Another Picture of Bmw M3 E93 :

BMW M3 E90/E92/
BMW M3 E90/E92/E93


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