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Ford Airstream

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The Ford Airstream Concept is our modern day eco friendly-shag wagon. Besides the fact that near by drivers should be blinded by its shininess, Ford refers to this contraption as the “cross-over model of the future.” -Continued: Click “Read More Think of it as a Mini Winnie for the retromod generation. Ford's Airstream concept utilizes what we believe must be a hybrid construction of ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL. Powered by a fuel cell that does nothing more than keep a charge in the car's lithium-ion cell You will never see this concept on the road. Let’s repeat that: You will never see Ford’s Airstream Concept, powered by a plug-in hybrid hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain, on the road. Never. We’re impressed by the fact that the power plant is actually DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. teamed with the maker of Airstream travel trailers to create a concept touring vehicle inspired by spacecraft and by the aerodynamic trailers that became icons of the American road. The automaker calls the Ford Airstream Concept a Futuristic cars and trucks are unveiled each year at the North American International Auto Show, but Ford Motor Co. designer Freeman Thomas said his company has a concept vehicle this year that should strike both a visual and emotional chord with the public. DETROIT — Earlier today, GM unveiled a hybrid concept, and mere hours later Ford answers back with one of their own, called the Airstream Concept. Hey, is there some kind of domestic hybrid war going on? Stay tuned to find out. In the mean time, let us .

Playing to win in the growing crossover segment, Ford has joined with another iconic company to showcase how it could further expand its lineup of expressive crossovers with the Ford Airstream Concept. “Crossovers are an increasingly important part of Meanwhile, the Airstream camper trailer fit more with the hyper-sterile image of the 1950s image motoring culture. Together, they helped the masses explore our great nation. RELATED: See Photos of the 2007 Ford Airstream Concept This infographic The latest example is the Airstream Autobahn, which is based on the well-known Mercedes Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG gets updated by Voltage Design 2015 Ford Focus gets priced in Europe [VIDEO] Check out this wrapped Lamborghini Aventador glow in the dark Ford Motor Co. (F) teamed with the maker of Airstream travel trailers to create a concept touring vehicle inspired by spacecraft as well as the aerodynamic icons of the American road. With its silver, capsule-shaped exterior and orange-rimmed windows, the .

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Posted by Kratky at 11:20 AM

Ford Airstream Cars Wallpapers
Ford Airstream Cars Wallpapers

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