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Honda Spirior

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 on the factory honda exhaust of the original honda factory sport
on the factory honda exhaust of the original honda factory sport kit

Dongfeng Honda has presented the next generation Honda Spirior at the ongoing 2014 Beijing Auto Show in a concept state. The current Spirior was launched in 2009, and the nameplate is attracting customers who look for “high quality, advanced technology The other world debut for Honda in Beijing is the all-new Spirior Concept – the production form of the this sports-oriented sedan is expected to begin sales in China before the year is out. Dongfeng Honda Automobile has been selling the current Spirior In other parts of the globe, the Spirior was sold as the Honda Accord Euro. With the TSX being replaced by the new TLX, the Spirior concept shows a design heavily influenced by the look of the new TLX although there are some subtle differences. DON'T MISS Honda has unveiled two concepts at the Beijing Auto Show, possibly previewing new Accord Euro and Insight replacement models. The first is the Spirior Concept, which quite simply previews the new Honda Spirior for the Chinese market; a model that is Dongfeng Honda has introduced the new Spirior concept at the Beijing Motor Show. Designed to preview the next-generation model, the concept is slightly conservative but features a number of aggressive styling tweaks including a sporty front bumper Similar to our Acura models, the Honda Spirior Concept in China receives LED headlights with shadowlined accenting and multi-spoke wheels, all of which resemble Acura’s and Honda’s current design language. For full details, check out the press release .

The Honda Accord was given the name Honda Spirior when it came to China and now Honda and Honda DongFeng Automobile will be getting the Honda Spirior a new facelift. The new design for the Honda Spirior was unveiled in China at the Beijing Auto Show. Honda’s newest creation, the Spirior Concept, has been officially presented to the public, in a world premiere, during the 2014th edition of the Beijing Motor Show. The Japanese based automaker Honda couldn’t have missed out on the 2014 Beijing Motor after Honda and Chinese partner Dongfeng Honda Automobile started manufacturing the Spirior, which is nothing the 8th-gen European and Japanese Accord, the Chinese JV has come up with the 2015 Honda Spirior concept, which will spawn the next gen Accord Jaipur: Honda showcased the nex-gen Spirior at the ongoing 13th Beijing Auto Show – 2014 Auto China. Nex-gen Honda Accord could be based on the Honda Spirior, the Accord the company showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo resembles it in the overall profile. .

Another Picture of Honda Spirior :

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