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Mitsubishi Delica

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Be the first UK owner of this freshly imported Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix 2.8 Diesel 7 seater MPV 4WD superb vehicle. These Japanese imports have never seen any road salt and therefore are in excellent condition, well serviced and looked after genuine top Mitsubishi’s Delica has always been an odd vehicle, probably the only MPV we’ve ever liked thanks to its bubble shape, range of turbodiesel engines and AWD configurations. Sounding more like a Japanese sports car than people mover, the new Delica D:5 It was his first glimpse of the famed Mitsubishi Delica, a boxy, diesel-powered vehicle that strongly resembles the iconic Volkswagen vans of a bygone era. “Everyone has those thoughts: ‘If I won a million dollars what would I do?’” Mr. Klappe says. Tokyo, Japan, Jan. 31, 2007; Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced the Japanese market launch of the fully redesigned Delica D:5, a minivan that delivers monobox roominess and utility together with high levels of performance and stability in on Mitsubishi Motors Corp exhibited its "Delica D: 5 ASV-4" minivan mounted with the "Multi-Around Monitor System," a bird's eye view system jointly developed by Clarion Co Ltd, at ITS-Safety 2010. ITS-Safety 2010 is a large-scale verification test conducted Mitsubishi Motors Corp said Thursday that it will launch the Delica D:3, a new compact minivan, and the Delica Van, a new light commercial vehicle in the Japanese market on Oct 27. The Delica D:3 and Delica Van have a manufacturer’s suggested retail .

Thanks to Canada’s fifteen-year grey-market rules, the Mitsubishi Delica is readily available, and cannibalizing one for extra parts should be easy. Think of it as a slightly quicker and more reliable Volkswagen Vanagon Synchro, as well as your Description Stock #: 336 Status: In Transit 1996 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear AWD The real Japanese turbodiesel MPV with 7 seats Our Website: Facebook Page: YouTube Channel Throw in a few ultraclean Starions, first-gen Eclipses, 3000GTs, and the now rare third-gen Delica wagon and, in a nutshell, you have an eclectic collection of Mitsubishi heritage that takes us back to a time when the automaker was bold in design and next to a Mitsubishi Delica in Jakarta yesterday. Mitsubishi and its partners are investing $600m to build a new multi-purpose vehicle plant in Indonesia, as the Japanese carmaker pursues more volume and share in an increasingly competitive market. .

Another Picture of Mitsubishi Delica :

Another well equipped L300 4x4 ready for off road
Another well equipped L300 4x4 ready for off road action


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