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Bmw M5 E60

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BMW M5 E60
BMW M5 E60 2009

This video surfaced the web recently, showing the first drag race between the 2012 BMW M5, which hasn't been premiered yet, and the previous, 2005 E60 M5. The clip's description says it was filmed on the German Autobahn, which is one of the few places in When the new E60 BMW M5 was released, everyone drooled over the awesome 5.0 litre V10 engine, and the advanced 7-speed SMG-III computerized clutch gearbox, but the boys in the stick shift camp found themselves alienated – the SMG-III gearbox was the only One of the key things we dislike about the auto business here at AutoSpies are the folks who review them. Not only are a good chunk "in the bag," a lot of them also don't own a vehicle. Even better, they have never owned a luxury vehicle. Having some skin G Power has recently unveiled the 100th BMW M5 fitted with the bi-compressor power kit, which is adding even more power to the German vehicle. The Bmw M5 E60 isn’t dead, even if the new generation of the model has hit the market for quite some time yet BMW has finally retired its M5 E60 after 5 years since its launch back in 2005. BMW has officially halted the production of the M5 to make way for the upcoming version, the F10. In the span of 5 years BMW sold 20,548 M5’s with the monstrous 507bhp 5.0lt V10. From top to bottom, inside and out, this M5 was one of the most advanced road cars BMW had ever built. But then the dark ages came… Where the E39 saw an evolution in design, and a slight bump in power, the E60 saw a massive fix on something that wasn’t .

After five long years of producing the Bmw M5 E60 for its customers, the German automaker has finally ceased the production of its high performance car. The company successfully manufactured a total of 20,548 units of this fourth-generation M5 with 19,523 After a 5 year production span and a record 20,548 unit sale, BMW M GmbH have finally ended production of their hyper-saloon, the BMW M5. The M5 Saloon was accountable for 19,523 of these units and the M5 Touring added another 1025 units. In its fifth In November the eagerly anticipated F10 BMW M5 will roll on our streets for the first time. You'd expect this to have an effect on the values of E60s, but it might be more than you think. There's little doubt that, like each and every M5 before it, the F10 We recently spent some time behind the wheel of BMW's beastly F10 M5 Competition Package (full video review coming soon!) which inspired us to scour the classifieds for second-hand examples of BMW's super saloon. The one we're most interested in is the E60 .

Another Picture of Bmw M5 E60 :

BMW M5 with a 'true' manual gearbox?
BMW M5 with a 'true' manual gearbox?


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