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Ferrari Pinin

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Almost every major sports car manufacturer has built a four-door car. Aston Martin offers the Rapide, Bugatti is working on the Galibier, and Lamborghini has built the Estoque Concept. Even before Porsche unveiled the four-door Panamera, the German company But it certainly wasn’t because of any philosophical issues about a four door Ferrari. No one had ever suggested one in such a convincing fashion. The Pinin’s interior was superb for the times, and is that a flat screen web browser in the back? Ferrari never put the Pinin into production. Nevertheless, certain styling cues such as the high belt-line can be found on later models designed by Pininfarina such as the Peugeot 405. After the Turin presentation, the four-door Ferrari continued its Ferrari and design firm Pininfarina go way back together. The independent Italian coachbuilder has been designing body work for Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat and others for years, but it is probably most synonymous with the supercars from the Prancing Horse. The Ferrari Pinin concept was introduced at the 1980 Turin Motor Show, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Italian design company Pininfarina. Named for Battista Farina, who went by the nickname of “Pinin,” the car represented the first official click above to view more images of the 1980 Ferrari Pinin show car Ferrari won't be building a four-door model now – that's what the Maserati Quattroporte, developed under Ferrari's tutelage, is for. But there was a time when Enzo himself considered the .

The Ferrari SUV such a delicate subject: some say that it will never happen, while others claim that it is inevitable. Until the world makes up its mind, let’s take a Prancing Horse unusual machine break and take a look at this 1980 Ferrari Pinin Nothing lets your peers know that you’ve “made it” quite like parking a Ferrari on your driveway. And nothing lets your fellow Ferrari owners know that you’re a connoisseur quite like a one-off. Now, an opportunity to own such a specimen has arisen. Market: The 2008 Sports Car Market Price Guide suggests a $140,000 – $225,000 price range for a Pinin Farina coupe. This #2 car fits nicely in that price range. Seller Comments: “This is a well documented 250 PF Coupe with a detailed ownership chain .

Another Picture of Ferrari Pinin :

Ferrari Pinin
Ferrari Pinin Concept

1980 Ferrari Pinin Four-Door Sedan Concept up for Grabs
1980 Ferrari Pinin Four-Door Sedan Concept up for Grabs

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