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Mercedes Benz F700

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am a very social person and make an effort in meeting the more

We’ve reported about the F700 Concept sometime ago, but today is the first time we actually get to see the vehicle. The car will be runing on a DIESOTTO 1.8 liter engine, which Mercedes promises will be as, if not more, fuel efficient than a diesel. As car buyers bemoan rising fuel prices, manufacturers are responding with ever more fuel-efficient vehicles. At the Frankfurt auto show, everything from the Ford ECOnetic Focus to the VW Golf BlueMotion will try to woo environmentally conscious buyers Mercedes will be presenting no less than seven hybrid cars, eight new Bluetec diesels and one DiesOtto concept car at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, arguably the biggest number of offerings from a single carmaker at this year’s show. There will be FRANKFURT – DaimlerChrysler AG premiers the F700 research vehicle, a concept car that hints ever so slightly at the next-generation Mercedes S-Class sedan but also proclaims Germany’s most storied auto maker cares about the environment. Preceded by Andrew English gets a drive of the technology that one day might make this happen Star of last autumn's Frankfurt Motor show, Mercedes-Benz's F700 concept drew mixed reaction for its styling, but much interest for its engine technology, cleverly called “It was a ghastly thing, truly horrible to look at. I could barely even take pictures of it.” This quote could easily have been overheard at, say, the scene of a terrible crime or a tragic accident. Unfortunately for Mercedes-Benz, I overheard this .

Arguably, the most interesting vehicle that Mercedes is displaying at the Frankfurt Motor Show is their beautiful F700 research car concept, which Mercedes-Benz describe as a “rolling bed” of their latest technologies. The F700 is powered by a unique The Frankfurt Motor Show is the event where automobile masterpieces come together. In the recently held Show 2007, another excellent and elegant vehicle was unveiled by Mercedes Benz – the Mercedes Benz F700. Even those who are not auto connoisseurs can So, another big lumbering Mercedes saloon then? Not a bit of it. Although the F700 might be 5.17m long – somewhere between the S-class and long-wheelbase S-class – the F700 is supposedly cleaner and more frugal than any current S-class. This is thanks The luxury car of the future, as it turns out, doesn't look much like we thought it would. No, the well-heeled among us won't be strapping ourselves into carbon fibre-bodied, rocket pod-like creations that spew steam from a hydrogen-powered fuel cell and .

Another Picture of Mercedes-Benz F700 :

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Truck

mercedes benz s klasse s420 armored for sale price $ 19129 mercedes
mercedes benz s klasse s420 armored for sale price $ 19129 mercedes

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