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Mercedes Benz Vision A93 Concept

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Posted by Vaughan Ling at 1:30 AM 7
Posted by Vaughan Ling at 1:30 AM 7 comments:

Mercedes-Benz lured you back with the new A-Class Concept? Mercedes-Benz's press release follows: In 1993 Mercedes-Benz ventured into a completely new vehicle class with the revolutionary Vision A93 concept. The Concept A-Class signals the beginning Terry recently did a shoot for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and we’ve got a sneak peek behind the scenes of Richardson at work. In the video, supermodel Jessica Stam poses alongside the new Mercedes Concept A-Class while Terry works his magic. You could race down BMWs very own prototype test track: Enter the A92 leaving Munich, turn on the A3 towards Regensburg, at Regensburg go down the A93 towards Ingolstadt and Munich (A9). Rinse, repeat. You will see all those disguised next-gen BMWs and Ever since we got wind of BMW’s desire to release a no holds barred sports Boxer twin, we’ve been itching to get our hands on the new R 1200 S. And so in late summer, the chance comes to take the helm of this flagship 120bhp sports bike and put it .

Another Picture of Mercedes-Benz Vision A93 Concept :

Thomas Edison was head electrical supervisor of
Thomas Edison was head electrical supervisor of course

drew a car.
drew a car.

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