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sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

When you grow up in a modernist Pac Heights loft that was once a Toyota garage, raised by parents who are bona fide creative forces—dad David Walker is an award-winning landscape architect; mom Sandra Enterline is an acclaimed jewelry designer—at some Testing oddities aside, my drives in Toyota’s fuel-cell cars were uneventful. Starting in the parking lots behind AT&T Park in San Francisco, I drove both cars down the Embarcadero and then through SOMA. Despite the cramped awfulness of dealing with San One such less-boring innovation is a 3-D head-up display (HUD) being developed—and slated for production—by engineers in Silicon Valley collaborating in concert with Toyota designers based in San Francisco. To be clear, this isn’t being created so If you asked a guy in the 1960s what he thought we'd be driving today, he'd probably think about what he'd seen in a popular TV science-fiction show of the time and say "a hover car". But 1960s Next Big Thing Summit in San Francisco, wouldn't elaborate The company brought the car to San Francisco this week to provide reporters a glimpse at the exterior of the finished product and a quick spin behind the wheel of the prototype. Toyota says the vehicle has a range of around 300 miles, which comes out On a recent weekday in San Francisco, Toyota showed tech journalists its FCV, but the car — about the size of a Camry — is still largely under wraps. The windows were tinted black to keep the interior design a secret, and while journalists were allowed .

San Francisco police are investigating a deadly accident where a driver hit and killed a pedestrian. It happened at an intersection said to be one of the most dangerous in the city. A yellow Toyota SUV hit the pedestrian. The driver, 40-year-old Calixto Lexus, a division of Toyota, signed a lease renewal for 33,224 square feet at 11540 Great Oaks Way in Alpharetta, GA. The single-tenant building, referred to as Building A, is part of the 157,902-square-foot Great Oaks Center located adjacent from the KBS Toyota is the latest automaker to reveal its plans for a next-generation head-up display. The company is currently developing a 3D head-up display (HUD) for production use with its designers in San Francisco collaborating with engineers in Silicon Valley. Compact, spacious, and flexible: the Toyota Urban Utility -- aka U Squared -- concept debuts in San Francisco. The Urban Utility concept is a compact car that's big on space. Toyota It has the functionality of a compact truck, the spaciousness of a cargo .

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